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What to do against the vicious, slanderous documentary that is about to be aired by the end of this month on a certain festival? I personally don’t believe any petitions will work and emailing the estate, festival or channels that will broadcast it later this year, won’t do anything either I believe.

The estate knows, the problem is that legally they can’t do anything from airing the documentary. And that is extremely unfortunate in this case but it is the law. The estate will have to wait and see what is used in the documentary to see if they can sue in any other ways.

The festival and the channels will air anyway. Remember what Michael said: it’s a conspiracy. That never ended, I believe there are people behind the scenes cooking this crap up. The documentary filmmaker is just a puppet.

This documentary will get a lot of attention I’m afraid. The only thing we can do then is steal that attention. But for that all the fans will have to unite. We have to organize Twitter rallies, we have to gather information, make memes and info graphics and we have to make sure that get it done quick. There is no time for a rebuttal documentary, so while someone else (Taj I think will) takes the time to make a good one, we will have to form a digital army.

I have been making social media pages and I am still setting things up, but I need help. Please share this with your MJ family everywhere and join the new Facebook group, Discord chat and make sure you like/subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the links can be found below.

Facebook Group:
Facebook Page:

Please join the Discord chat to discuss, drop information and videos and contribute to what I hope will be one of the biggest archives documenting Michael Jackson’s innocence. A website that you can link to and spam to anyone trying to slander Michael.

Please join, please share, please unite and let us fight this horrible documentary in a way I know only Michael’s army can!

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