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Was Michael Jackson Innocent or Guilty: The FINAL Verdict

by Dru Hepkins

Complete Public Exoneration Way Overdue

It is sad how we’ve plummeted into a judgmental, tabloid addicted society that formulates weak opinions based on media fed hearsay and propaganda. One of the biggest victims of this media lynch mob was the late Michael Jackson.

In addition to a corrupt media that fails to inform people with facts, we also have hordes of people who lack the intelligence, research, or the proper resources to provide insight on highly publicized cases, but still take it upon themselves to spread fraudulent information on independent, amateur blog sites disguised as reputable news sources.

When searching around the net, it’s very easy to find lots of misinformation from both Michael Jackson fans, and Michael Jackson haters. One person in particular was so unforgivably inept and irresponsible that he published a scathing blog in the summer of 2013 supported entirely by fictitious FBI files that were already exposed as bogus and nonexistent back in 2005. This person obviously still has no clue that all of the information he used was publicly dismissed almost a decade ago with finality. The blogger still went in head first and released a new blog based on the old false information calling Jackson a “monster” and a “serial pedophile”. In reality, the FBI already confirmed with attorney Tom Mesereau who shared that information in several media outlets and news programs, that there were no such files on Michael Jackson regarding accusers and child molestation. None of it was true, yet this blog among others still using that old and fabricated information from 2005 in 2013, currently has nearly 140 comments and counting. This just goes to show us the power and influence that one fool with a laptop can have.

Unlike many suspect blogs and articles in existence out there, rest assured that all the information here was carefully researched without bias and fact-checked. The result is as follows: After much scrutiny of his child molestation allegations and examination of evidence, or lack thereof, it became clear to many investigating journalists like Aphrodite Jones, that he most likely did not do what he was accused of. He was definitely an eccentric man with an odd relationship with children which is perhaps as deep as his transgressions go. However, boldly claiming he was guilty of molestation is slanderous and nonfactual. There are only unsubstantiated claims from alleged victims, all of whom exposed a financial motive or a history of criminal-minded activity or deception. The media did not report or make common knowledge those who were caught in lies. Below are a few listed reasons in a nutshell why Michael Jackson if nothing else, deserved the benefit of the doubt.


1. Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I could rest my case on this premise alone: You cannot call a man guilty unless it has been proven. Michael Jackson was tried, all the accusers were assembled for questioning and statements, but he was acquitted of all charges in a US court of law by a jury convinced of his complete innocence. In addition to that, every other accuser Jackson ever had never made it to court on its own merit. All the other cases fell apart because of lies, inconsistencies, or insufficient evidence and never had enough meat for Jackson to have to respond to them. At least legally, Jackson’s innocence needs to be respected.


2. There Was Never Anything There

What many people still do not realize is that none of Jackson’s accusers should have even made the news. There was never anything there to begin with. It was all sensationalism, hearsay and hype. Michael Jackson was crucified largely because of his fame.

It all started with the first accuser. Michael Jackson befriended Jordan Chandler and his mother June. Jackson met them after being helped by them in a car situation and soon invited them to Never Land Ranch. The boys father, Evan Chandler became estranged from Jackson because Evan Chandler began to hound Jackson to buy them a new house and to support his script-writing endeavors. Because of Chandler’s endless and aggressive pursuit of Michael’s assistance, their relationship soured and the older Chandler was cut off. Evan Chandler eventually grew jealous of Michael’s relationship with his ex-wife and son and plotted to make something out of his connection to Michael Jackson in one way or another. Chandler hooked up with lawyer Barry Rothman who was known to be one of the most ruthless, and who was also very familiar with child abuse cases, and the plot began. Chandler became the first to use Michael Jackson’s well-known love of children against him.

Through Evan Chandler, Michael Jackson was accused of having inappropriate contact with his son, Jordan Chandler. It was an extortion. What was undisclosed to the public was that even the boy’s mother June refuted the truth of the allegations. Also, several people already knew it was an extortion because Evan Chandler had been bragging about it around Hollywood. Carrie Fischer wrote about it in her book, “Shockaholic. She described Chandler as her greedy dentist/drug dealer who told her the whole plot. Chandler was a shady, failed dentist in need of cash who used to use his profession to write drug prescriptions for Hollywood stars, and to get in with their crowds. He was often loose-lipped and mentioned what he intended to do to Jackson to many people. No one proudly brags about that sort of a case regarding their children. Carrie Fischer among many, did not find him amusing and was repulsed at what was going to happen.

Lawyer Barry Rothman, who was very experienced with child cases, knew exactly what Chandler needed to say and coached him for months. Rothman went over all the details and fine-tuned the logistics. After Rothman’s instruction, Chandler boasted to MJ’s people how air tight they had gotten things to look. After everything had been organized, Evan Chandler threatened to publicize the accusation and was threatening to go to court if they didn’t give him what he wanted. They approached Jackson with the threat and Jackson refused to pay Chandler anything. Consequently, Chandler went public and things got very serious very quickly.

Jackson’s advisers knew it was a well designed extortion and they advised Jackson to just pay a settlement. They advised Michael that a settlement was his best option because he would avoid exorbitant legal fees, bad press, costly time away from his career, and it would be over and done quick. They assured Michael that people would quickly forget it and he’d be able to move on with his life. It later became clear that Jackson’s handlers gave him that advice primarily because of their greed. They knew that if Jackson paid the settlement they wouldn’t lose any of their investments in his schedule, concerts, appearances or engagements. Going to court would have. Regardless, Michael agreed that he wanted it over as quick as possible and the settlement was paid by Jackson’s insurance. Unfortunately, not going to court turned out to be the biggest mistake of Michael Jackson’s short life.

After Michael paid the settlement with Evan Chandler, there was a media frenzy and a “Michael Jackson Gold Rush.” Everyone who had anything to do with Michael Jackson went wild trying to sell stories to the media or tried to win a settlement thinking he would just pay it.

Known Hollywood hustler Janet Arvizo stepped up next to accuse Michael Jackson of harming her child. Yellow journalist Martin Bashir famously edited his documentary to make Jackson look guilty so that it could be more shocking, compelling and juicy for a catapulting of his career. He was privately commending Jackson on what a great father he was, but simultaneously editing his documentary to destroy him. The very misunderstood Jackson made the mistake of voluntarily showing himself with the children including the Arvizo boy thinking that people would get him. In stark contrast no one understood him and people instead began to judge and scrutinize. This is when Janet Arvizo who’s son was featured, chose to strike.

Unbeknownst to the public, Arvizo has a long history of welfare fraud and several other attempts to hustle money from celebrities and businesses. She once won a settlement from JC Pennies after she was caught shoplifting with her family. She claimed the security guards that collared her roughed her up and sexually assaulted her in custody, so they paid her a $75,000 settlement to go away. Even though Michael had helped her family and her sick child, Janet Arvizo turned around to try and win a settlement from him too—as is her nature. However, the plan backfired against her. Michael had learned from his first mistake and this time, Michael went straight to court. As expected, Janet Arvizo and her family were caught in several lies and Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

After Jackson’s acquittal, all the other accusers began to drop like flies. The accusers either withdrew their cases themselves or they fell apart with inconsistencies before ever making it to court. Michael Jackson was fully vindicated, all the accusers disbanded, and he would never have to go to court ever again. Unfortunately however, the damage was done and Jackson’s image would never be the same.

Tom Sneddon was the DA guilty of planting evidence but wasn't indicted.
Tom Sneddon was the DA guilty of planting evidence but wasn’t indicted.


3. The Tom Sneddon Snow Job

It has been said many times in no uncertain terms that Santa Monica DA Tom Sneddon should be in jail. He almost single-handedly helped create the fiasco around Michael Jackson because he planted much of the “evidence” when there wasn’t any. Unbeknownst to the public, almost everything publicized as “evidence” in the media was an invention of Tom Sneddon. Lawyer William Wagener who left much public commentary on the Jackson trial has stated emphatically that there is no way Tom Sneddon should not be indicted and serving deserved time in prison.

For example, Michael Jackson was accused of showing a child an adult magazine that was sent off to get fingerprinted. However, Tom Sneddon had the boy touch the magazine while compiling the evidence before it was sent out. He created a reason for the boy to handle the magazine to see if he remembered the magazine which made no sense. It was later revealed that Sneddon had the magazine taken out of Jackson’s home that had nothing to do with anything, and then he created a story behind it. To make matters extremely worse in the sick and twisted world we live in, the media simply publicized that the boy’s fingerprints matched.

Sneddon also falsified the fictitious existence of incriminating phone records. He also had police officers pressuring, and coercing confused children for hours, trying to get them to make statements. The children were subjected to psychological trauma. Even though nothing happened to them, the officers were pressuring them saying, “Come on. We know that he did it and it’s okay. Just tell us.” When the children denied that anything happened or didn’t choose to cooperate the officers kept pressuring them. They just needed anyone of them to break and they would’ve added it to the case. It didn’t matter if it was true or not. If they were able to get more children to break they knew it would work against Jackson’s credibility.

As Tom Sneddon worked primarily to demonize Jackson, he and the prosecution helped to block several people who wanted to be called in as witnesses to vindicate Jackson. One of these people was Jeanne White-Ginder, the mother of HIV victim Ryan White. Jeanne White-Ginder and her afflicted son had access to Jackson and The Never Land Ranch and a perspective that most others didn’t. With White having HIV, obviously there was no sexual motives on Michael’s part and Ryan White was treated just as affectionately. White-Ginder and her son had been with Michael for several days and had seen him in action with the other children. White-Ginder is eternally touched and grateful for the work Michael has done for her child and many others and wanted to put the allegations to rest. She was prepared to explain the atmosphere with Michael, the children, and many of their parents who were often present. However, they successfully kept her and others from being called as witnesses.

Tom Sneddon is a very mentally disturbed man who deliberately tried to fix the case against Jackson. When it was revealed that much of the presented evidence against Michael Jackson was all rubbish orchestrated and assisted by Tom Sneddon and the prosecution, no one was brought to justice. Nor did the media ever bother to expose the truth or correct the public misconceptions of what had been promoted in the media for weeks.

Tom Sneddon is everything wrong with law enforcement personified. He had a personal vendetta and personally tried to bring Jackson down despite the lack of evidence and his probable innocence. Michael Jackson was acquitted and all the accusers eventually dispersed. However, the actions of the Santa Monica law enforcement under the direction of Tom Sneddon have mysteriously been kept under a bushel.

4. The Media Spin

Tome Mesereau and investigative reporter Aphrodite Jones who covered the Jackson cases had it absolutely right: They and countless others have proven that it was clear Michael Jackson was railroaded by the media.

One very conspicuous reality became even more clear regarding Michael Jackson’s cases: The media was hooked on it and it was the gift that kept on giving. In a nutshell, Jackson’s innocence did not interest the news media publications. The once innocent and angelic star’s presumed guilt and fall from grace is what interested them, and that’s how the news was reported. Jackson appearing guilty and about to be sentenced to prison is what they reveled in despite how far from the truth it actually was.

There was nothing legitimate to stick on Jackson from day one. In the first case, Evan Chandler exposed his guilt by taking money to drop the case. No one has accepted money to drop a case regarding justice for their child in US history. Nor did the media focus on Chandler’s financial difficulties, or the fact that he made incriminating statements with several people about his motives. All of the rest of the accusers each exposed financial motive, and they were all caught in lies. Regardless, the news media never published the evidences of Jackson’s accuser’s being caught in lies that probably would’ve ended things earlier. Jackson’s presumed guilt sold papers and the news media was committed to that agenda. Michael Jackson was thrown under the bus. Even though there was never any evidence to convict him, the media had been portraying him as a guilty man for months.

After the media had its way the Michael Jackson, his guilty image was handed over to the entertainment industry where he was roasted several times over. Scores of comedians and TV shows went to town making fun of Jackson incessantly and spoofed him as an abuser and as if the allegations were true. They did this for years and fortified that image despite his innocence. Just speaking truthfully, many people in this country are stupid, ill-informed and lack a certain integrity. Networks don’t have standards anymore. If Jackson was an innocent man and there was no evidence for his guilt, realistically no network should have condoned his public defamation out of principle. However, Jackson didn’t live in a world in which he would be treated fairly and with respect. Pop culture out of control continued to destroy him and spread these false notions. It would only begin to subside after his death.

5. Jackson Doesn’t Fit The Ped’ Profile

Michael Jackson was analyzed by psychologist Dr. Katz who was  assigned to the case and it was confirmed that he didn’t find him to be an abuser, nor did he fit the profile. Jackson was described to be more of a “regressed ten-year-old” himself. People who take advantage of children have certain predatory behaviors and characteristics, none of which existed in Jackson. Jackson wasn’t shy about his affinity for children in front of whomever, and he saw them more as friends who were more genuine and honest with him than adults.

Jackson’s personality also made it extremely unlikely for him to be a sexual abuser. Jackson was extremely bashful and kind-hearted. He was also somewhat prudish and easily embarrassed by any lascivious connotations. According to the word of professionals and friends, it was extremely unlikely for Jackson to ever be guilty of luring children into harmful or sexual situations. Jackson didn’t have the personality or aggression for it.

 6. All Other Kids Say “Not Possible”

Corey Feldman Emmanuel Lewis, Macaulay Culkin, Donald Trump’s children, and many other children had similar relationships with MJ and they all say nothing ever or would ever happen to them. The atmosphere was loving and the furthest thing from sexual or unsafe. They all confirmed that in their opinion, MJ “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

7. The Accusers Vanish Without Public Defense

After failing to prove their case with skepticism building toward the family in the first case, the accusing families avoid the public eye and say nothing. Your child was abused by the biggest star on the planet, you lose the case, and you say nothing? They lost and publicly appear to be gold-digging liars, and there isn’t any public defense, no book, no TV time. No close friend, relative, or concerned grandparent has anything to say? Nothing.

All living beings are creatures of habit and of a nature. We can be counted on to act or do certain things in specific situations. And quite frankly, the mother of an abused child doesn’t lose a case then slither away. The true crime is right before our faces; innocence is always an open book with nothing to lose. In this TMZ age in which everyone clamors for their 15 minutes and a dollar, they simply cannot be believed and shame keeps them in the shadows.

8. It Doesn’t Feel Right For Any Who Know Him

There is not one former friend or associate that feels he may have had a problem. From Donald Trump, to Elizabeth Taylor, to Jermaine and the rest of his family, they all steadfastly don’t believe he did this and will hear nothing else about it. Macaulay Culkin, Whoopi Goldberg, Miko Brando, Donald Trump and many others who knew him went to great lengths and made many passionate public statements to further vindicate him. People wouldn’t step forth and put their name and celebrity on the line to protect an abuser of children. No one would, even in our own families. They knew him. They’ve seen him in action around kids. They were privy to information the public wasn’t and they knew he didn’t do it.

There are lots of people who knew him and spent a lot of time with him, famous and not famous, who’ve always dejected the allegations. Michael Jackson was a man with strong religious beliefs. Nor was he lasciviously motivated. He was an extremely kind, compassionate person who was also extremely bashful. Most people who knew him personally felt strongly that there was absolutely no way he’d even be capable of such allegations.

9. Evan Chandler’s Greedy Ambition

There’s enough evidence between Evan Chandler and his known-to-be greedy lawyer, Barry Rothman, to raise reasonable suspicion. Barry Rothman is very experienced. He knew just how to doctor child abuse cases and what needed to be charged. More likely than not this was a well designed extortion.

Way before any allegations, Evan Chandler was behaving strangely and repeatedly suggested Jackson build an extension to their house so he could stay. When Chandler learned he wouldn’t be allowed to add any extensions on his home, he began asking Jackson to buy them a new home. After he became more obvious in his hunger for money, he slowly became more alienated from Michael as MJ grew closer with his ex-wife and children. MJ, the ex-wife and the children grew closer and went on trips together without him. Chandler began to complain about being cut off. In his growing jealousy and greed, he went in for the kill. There are also very interesting taped conversations that incriminate him clear as day.

10. The Phone Call

“Everything is going according to a plan that isn’t just mine…and if I go through with this, I win big time. There’s no way I lose. I’ve checked that inside and out.” Evan Chandler. If that tape recorded message sounds like it wasn’t an extortion plot and it genuinely sounds like a concerned dad whose son was abused, you are a fool. That phone call is as blatant as can be, and there is no way that can pass through the mind of an intelligent person as Kosher. That phone call was not the words of a concerned dad who’s son was victimized. That was the phone call of a man who was clearly excited and optimistic about scoring big monetarily.

Evan Chandler lived out the rest of his days miserably, in seclusion, and estranged from his family including his son Jordan Chandler whom he used for the case. In November of 2009, Evan Chandler eventually killed himself in his home. Case closed.

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