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Wade Robson’s Deposition

Wade Robson’s deposition video has been leaked online, and it is a treat for those of us who know of Michael’s innocence.

The site dropped a 32 minute video yesterday that included snippets of Wade and Joy Robson’s depositions back in 2016, and let me just tell you – it is f*cking wonderful.

Throughout the video, the plot holes the #MJFAM have been discussing for over 6 months are reiterated perfectly as the narration talks us through the devious plans of two perjuring conmen and their pimp Dan Reed.

The Blast has so far been the only media platform to have reported on the video, let’s now see if any other outlets have the balls to share something that shows the other side of the story…

You can find the video on the Lies of Leaving site linked above, or by clicking here.

Wade’s narcissism is dripping from the video, trust me – you want to watch this.

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