Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special with Tom Mesereau

To mark this important occasion, the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005, we are releasing this special episode. The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson along with regular hosts Jamon Bull and Q interview Thomas Mesereau, one of the foremost criminal defence attorney’s in United States legal history. Mesereau served as Michael’s principal attorney during his mid 2000’s criminal trial around false child molestation allegations and continued representing Jackson and his affairs for a time afterwards. Ten years ago today Jackson was acquitted of all fourteen charges brought against him by the Arvizo family and their prosecuting lawyer, Santa Barbara Country District Attorney Tom Sneddon. In addition to Michael’s obvious innocence, his vindication and exoneration are also due to the professionalism and efforts of Tom Mesereau and his then legal partner Susan Yu. Topics of discussion include Mesereau’s childhood, his history as a lawyer, what it was like working with Michael Jackson and also the trial itself. We then delve into a dialogue around Jackson’s posthumous legacy, the legitimacy of his Estate executors, the events surrounding his death and what Michael Jackson’s victory in 2005 has meant for his legacy long term.

The MJCast would also like to thank friend of the show Dan Villalobos who has worked so hard on composing and producing our new intro music, which can be heard for the very first time on this episode! Dan is a phenomenal sound engineer, music producer and MJ fan from London, England who has worked with artists such as Maddison Wilson, Robyn Sherwell and has had his work featured on BBC Radio. Check him out at www.danvillalobos.com, and make sure to visit his SoundcloudTwitter and Instagram accounts. Thanks Dan and we can’t wait to have you on the show.

Triumph: Celebrating a Decade Since Michael Jackson’s Acquittal – An article by Syl Mortilla.
One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History – An article by Charles Thomson.
Michael Jackson: Innocent – Author D Francis’ book which covers the mid 2000’s Michael Jackson trial. Win a free copy!
Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson – A biography by Randall Sullivan.
The MJCast’s ‘Episode 005 – Kerry Anderson Special’. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s Director of Security during the time of his mid 2000’s trial.
Mesereau Law Group – Tom Mesereu’s official website.
Charles Thomson’s Twitter account and official website.

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