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Leaving Neverland ‘Why Would They Lie?’ – The Jussie Smollet Hoax

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Michael Jackson has been maliciously slandered and extorted for most of his life. We believe that the time has come to educate the masses on the lies and corruption surrounding the false allegations that Michael has endured. The documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ is not only an insult to legitimate abuse victims but to investigative journalism. Whilst it is not within our power to stop the film from being transmitted, we commit to fully and wholeheartedly defending Michael’s name.

This mini documentary shows evidence of Michael Jackson’s innocence throughout the years.


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More information:

E-book 1993 & 2005: https://themichaeljacksonallegationsblog.files.wordpress.co…

E-book Wade Robson case: https://themichaeljacksonallegationsblog.files.wordpress.co…

Court Transcripts 2005 Trial: https://www.themichaeljacksoninnocentproject.com/court-transcri…/

The FBI Files: https://www.themichaeljacksoninnocentproject.com/the-fbi-files/





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  1. I can’t believe that you claim to be defending Michael Jackson and yet you have stuff on here about Jussie Smollet???????? Jussie has NOT BEEN TRIED! SO WHY ARE YOU DOING THE SAME THING THAT THE MEDIA DID TO MICHAEL JACKSON?????????????? You are just convicting someone based on what the media is saying about him. YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THE FACTS IN JUSSIE’S CASE! YOU ARE TRYING A MAN WITHOUT GIVING HIM A HEARING! AND THAT IS EXACTLYWHAT WAS DONE TO MICHAEL JACKSON! And yes! I do believe MJ is innocent and I followed him all of my life. But my belief in his innocence is based on my belief that EVERYONE is entitled to a fair trial and that everyone should be innocent until proven guilty! AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO HAVE LEARNED THAT??????????????? Yes, I believe that Jackson is innocent, but the credibility of this website has gone way down in my opinion. And just to let you know — I’ve done my own research about this for YEARS! So I came to my truth about MJ independent of this website!

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