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“Leaving Neverland” Important Facts that indicate that the witnesses lied about their allegations (PRAVDA TV)

Translation:  Carima  (Twitter: @Cjab1183)

Why ‘Leaving Neverland’ isn’t believable: In the movie Leaving Neverland two men get a platform for almost 4 hours to raise allegations against Michael Jackson. Both [Wade Robson 1982, and James Safechuck 1987] have always confirmed for more than 20 years that Michael Jackson has never acted inappropriately towards them or children in general.

Since 2012/2013 both suddenly claim that they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson in a very extreme manner. They had just not realized all these years that it was abuse. This had only suddenly become clear to them at 29 (Robson) and 35 (Safechuck).

The latest point at which both should have realized what sexual abuse is, was in 1993 when Michael Jackson was attacked with false allegations and the two men were questioned by Police. The topic became even more drastic in 2005 when the (false!) allegations against Michael Jackson led to a trial. The suspicion arises that these two men are trying to find any reasons since 2012/13 as to why they are now telling a completely different version (asking for millions and with many motives to lie).

No Law against the Slander of the dead: There is no law protecting the dead against slander in the USA. When someone in the USA spreads lies against someone who has passed, his or her relatives are powerless and cannot proceed legally. This means, anyone slandering the dead in the USA need not fear retribution.

This could also be a reason why Robson and Safechuck began to very publicly accuse Michael Jackson of extreme perverted acts against children four years after his death – which was never even slightly indicated by either of the accusers. It seems that claims need to keep intensifying to be heard.

The sudden change of narrative with many contradictions – and motives to lie: If we read and look at everything Wade Robson and James Safechuck have said over the 20 year time span then it is consistent, completely believable and convincing. There isn’t even the slightest hint that they may have lied about anything. However a lot points to them lying since 2012/13.

In 2013 Wade Robson suddenly began to openly accuse Michael Jackson. The emails that he had to present to the court show that he asked his mother in 2012 many questions about his early meetings with MJ. The emails give you the impression that Robson himself only had vague ( and harmless) memories about his time at Neverland. After he had found out everything from his mother that she could remember, he began constructing his story of abuse. He did this firstly in the form of two drafts for a book.

When he had to present both drafts to the court it became clear that the two accounts drastically differed from each other. Robson evidently didn’t write from his own memories, in fact he tried to construct seemingly believable scenarios.

The strong suspicion that Wade Robson – (which then spurred on Safechuck) constructed their stories in 2012/13 is confirmed through the many contradictions and false statements shown in their accounts. For example, Safechuck claims Michael Jackson also molested him in the famous Neverland Train Station. However this building did not even exist yet.

Safechuck made many chronological errors of this kind in his story. The same applies to Robson: for example he claims he was molested on his first stay in Neverland (1990) over several days/nights, when he was left behind as a 7 year old while his family went on a trip to the Grand Canyon for five days.

When in fact Robson had stated under oath in 2005 that the first time he was ever in Neverland without his mother was in 1992 or 1993. His mother had also confirmed this several times, additionally she had stated that he had joined his family on their trip to the Grand Canyon. Despite all these facts Robson contradicts all these claims since 2012. Who can believe anyone who twists facts in such a way?

In conclusion one can ascertain that Robson’s and Safechuck’s claims are contradictory or can even be exposed as outright lies. They are under suspicion to have set off the most outrageous case of slander in history. Therefore all their claims should be thoroughly investigated and questioned.


‘Leaving Neverland’ is no documentary

Leaving Neverland came about under direction of British Film maker Dan Reed and is a production of the American TV Network HBO (Home Box Office) and the British Channel 4. Protagonists are Wade Robson and James Safechuck who claim they were abused severely over many instances. The first public viewing of this movie was at Sundance Film Festival on the 25th of January 2019. The first broadcasting (in two parts) occurred in the USA on HBO on March 3rd and 4th 2019, in England on Channel 4 on March 6th and 7th. The broadcasting rights were subsequently sold to more than 130 networks.

The Producers call Leaving Neverland a documentary. But this production is no documentary. The term documentary gives a false impression as nothing was documented in this movie. We only hear, how Safechuck and Robson raise the worst allegations, and we hear from a few of their family members whom they have told their story to (Robson’s mother, sister, brother, grandmother and wife, and also Safechuck’s mother and wife.)

All documents, witnesses, facts and logical arguments that would point to contradictions/lies are ignored, buried or recounted distortedly, We are not dealing with a documentary but with a movie production which is extremely one-sided. In the presented document we describe Leaving Neverland with the neutral term “HBO-Film”.


There are only two possible truths in Leaving Neverland

There are only two possible truths in ‘Leaving Neverland’: The allegations are true, or they are false.

If the allegations are true this means that Michael Jackson was guilty of the multiple sexual abuse of boys, had a split personality so that in addition to his sensitive nature he was also ruthlessly lying to his whole family, his first and second wife, his fans, the world and on top of this was able to fool two lawyers, the police, the FBI, a judge, the entire jury, his bodyguards, all the visiting families to Neverland and many others.

If the allegations are false this would mean that Safechuck and Robson are ruthlessly lying to gain 1.5 Billion Dollars through legal action, among other things. Robson and Safechuck both have acting experience and hope to gain millions of Dollars through their allegations. Are they only presenting themselves as victims and making an indirect mockery of actual victims of child abuse? Many critical viewers believe so and are calling this “documentary” a “mockumentary”.

Several viewers of the movie have reacted with the irrational argument: ” I can’t imagine anyone could lie this ruthlessly which is why I believe Robson and Safechuck.” Those who say this are however open to something even more unbelievable, this being that Michael Jackson was ruthlessly lying for 20 years.

Who could believe such a scenario? Michael Jackson was an ‘open book’. He was incapable of lying, as when he did it was written all over his face. The claim that Michael Jackson ran a secret organisation that spanned over 20 years to ‘lure’ in kids which he then sexually molested is in total contradiction of his character (multiple people would have had to be a part of this criminal organisation and had to have operated in secret).

In an interview with Dan Reed that was published in Vanity Fair on February 21st 2019, the interviewer mentions the Film is being criticised for being extremely biased and one-sided. Reed’s response to this was: “What would be the other side to this story? That Michael Jackson was a huge Entertainter and a great guy?” This answer was rather cynical and untrue, as the other side of the story is that Robson and Safechuck could be lying and that Michael Jackson was not the monster this movie portrayed him as.

Dan Reed accuses the Estate, MJ Fans and all those who critisise the movie that they are only defending their Icon and the estate’s ‘assets’. However Reed is also defending his ‘assets’ which are Robson and Safechuck who have delivered him a controversial topic which has garnered him his biggest production yet.

A critical reflection of the HBO-Film and statements by Robson and Safechuck will very quickly show a web of constantly changing accounts, contradictions, errors and lies.

It is remarkable that the original version of this “Documentary” has been cut by 45 minutes. The parts that have been cut were the ones that were the easiest to disprove and out as lies. Two tweets follow, in which this is mentioned, written by Taj Jackson, son of Tito Jackson (and nephew of Michael Jackson).

Summary: A list of Robson’s and Safechuck’s contradictions and lies, summarized by Charles Thomson. The British Music Journalist and Michael Jackson expert Charles Thomson published a list of facts and arguments (on facebook on the 6th of March 2019) that indicate that Robson and Safechuck are lying with their allegations against Michael Jackson. This list was shared on Facebook and many social media platforms.

**Fact-Bomb: The evidence against the Michael Jackson accusers, which the media doesn’t want you to see**

[…] For five years,these men – both professional actors – have been trying to sue the Michael Jackson estate for Millions of Dollars. This lawsuit have produced thousands of pages of court records:

Witness accounts, motions, depositions and disclosure. These public documents prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the men are lying. The whole media knows about these documents, but is refusing to report their contents. […] This is my contribution to the debate on Facebook – a list of just some of the public record information the media is refusing to tell you.

Both men strenuously defended Jackson, including under oath, for decades, and only decided they’d been molested years after his death, when they were both in financial trouble and filed a lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars. That lawsuit was thrown out of court -twice – but the men are in the middle of an appeal, giving them a gigantic financial motive to lie.

Since filing their lawsuit, both men have repeatedly changed their stories, frequently telling directly contradictory versions of the same supposed events. For example, Wade Robson has told at least four directly contradictory stories about the first time Jackson supposedly abused him.

In the lawsuit, Robson was caught lying under oath so brazenly that the judge threw out his entire witness statement and said no rational juror could ever believe his account.

Between 2012 and 2014, Robson wrote two drafts of an abuse memoir and tried unsuccessfully to sell them to publishers. Meanwhile, he lied under oath and said he’d never discussed his allegations with anyone except his lawyers. When the Jackson estate discovered he’d actually been shopping books, the court ordered him to produce the drafts as evidence. They revealed the story of his abuse had changed significantly from one draft to the next.

Robson was also ordered to release his emails as evidence. He breached the order repeatedly, first by claiming they didn’t exist, then by simply refusing to hand them over. Then he redacted all the emails between himself and his family members and cited ‘attorney-client’ privilege, even though none of his family are attorneys.

When he eventually complied with the court order and released the emails, they revealed that at the time he was constructing his lawsuit and abuse memoir, he was researching and emailing himself links to old tabloid newspaper stories about abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.

The emails showed Robson found one particular story from the early 1990s which specifically named he and his mother. He emailed it to his mother and asked whether it was true. She replied, ‘Wow, none of that is true’. He then included it in his story anyway.

Emails also revealed that throughout 2011/12, Robson was lobbying Jackson’s estate for a job directing and choreographing an official Michael Jackson tribute show in Las Vegas. His campaign to secure this role had included sending emails explaining that his amazing friendship with Jackson meant nobody was better qualified for the role than he was, and he was devoted to doing the best job he possibly could ‘for Michael’. After being told someone else had got the job, he suddenly claimed he’d been abused and filed a creditor’s claim against the estate for millions of dollars.

Months later, according to Jimmy Safechuck, he flipped on the TV and saw Wade Robson being interviewed about his lawsuit. In that moment, Safechuck suddenly remembered that he had been abused by Jackson as well, so decided to join the lawsuit. He didn’t mention that his epiphany coincided exactly with his inheritance circling the drain after a relative died and the surviving siblings started suing each other –  including him – for control of the family business.

Robson was also ordered to produce his diaries as evidence. In them, he’d written about how these allegations might rescue his failing career by making him ‘relatable and relevant’. He also wrote, ‘It’s time for me to get mine.’ When questioned under oath about what he’d meant when he wrote that, he refused to answer.

Both men tell stories in the TV show which directly contradict stories told under oath in their lawsuit. In fact, they have continued to change their stories as recently as within the last week.

For example, Jimmy Safechuck claims under oath in the lawsuit that he only remembered Jackson had abused him in 2013 when he turned on the TV and saw Robson. Yet in tonight’s TV show and interviews promoting it, he claims he knew he had been abused in 2005 and thus, when asked to testify for Jackson’s defence ‘towards’ the end of the trial’, he refused to do so.

But that’s a provable lie. Safechuck was never asked to testify for Jackson’s defence. The judge ruled long before the trial began that testimony could only be heard about certain children, and Safechuck was not one of them. All testimony about Safechuck was literally banned from the courtroom. So Jackson’s defence cannot have asked him to testify – and certainly not after the trial was already underway.

Robson claimed in a BBC interview last week that Jackson had abused him ‘hundreds of times’. Yet his mother’s sworn testimony is that they went to Neverland roughly 14 times but Jackson was almost never there. She estimates the number of times they visited the ranch and he was actually there was four.

Questioned about their financial motive, the men now say they don’t care about money and are only suing to embolden other abuse victims by holding the Jackson estate accountable. This is a provable lie. The lawsuit was originally filed under seal and Robson tried to extract a settlement from the estate with zero publicity. Only when the estate refused to pay a bean did he go public. I could list many more points […]

Tonight’s TV show covers up all of this information, instead presenting two professional actors’ heavily edited and completely unchallenged testimony without ever examining their credibility, their proven lies and perjury, their constantly changing stories or their financial motives.[…]

Many thanks to Charles Thomson for listing the overwhelming evidence.


Concluding remarks: We are challenged to distinguish between truth and lies!

Here we want to add short explanations for three wide spread misunderstandings about Michael Jackson. 1) That Michael Jackson “slept with kids”, 2) that Michael Jackson paid out hush money to the family that brought up allegations in 1994 and 3) that it only came to his not guilty verdict in 2005 because there was not enough evidence.


Sleep-overs at the Neverland Ranch. A grown up who “sleeps with children”?

Michael Jackson did not sleep “with children”, rather children slept next to Michael Jackson. One needs to know that Michael Jackson’s “Bedroom” were playrooms and bedrooms that were spread over two floors, and were accessible to guests (children and parents) and to his Bodyguards who usually had a police background. A lot of the times Michael was not even there, but the children were still allowed to use these grand rooms. This is what is meant when people mention “sleepovers” at Neverland. We all remember how exciting it was as children to be allowed to sleep over somewhere else rather than at home at your parents house: at your friends families house next door, at camp, at relatives in the holidays. And now imagine: with other children at Michael Jackson’s magical Neverland!

These occasional and in no way secret family parties and sleepovers happened a lot over the years. There were never any allegations or suspicions back in those days, because everyone who spent any time at Neverland saw and understood that a child-like,happy and relaxed Michael Jackson was playing with kids, visiting his pets at his zoo with them, watching movies etc. As already mentioned visits like this by many families happened often, and sometimes without Michael Jackson even being there. He opened Neverland especially to underprivileged Families and families with sick children. It was not to be avoided that his generosity would be exploited.

The first allegation (1993) had nothing to do with Neverland. It came from Evan Chandler, the father of Jordan Chandler. Evan was divorced from Jordan’s mother, did not take much care of his son and often did not pay alimony. When Michael Jackson met Jordan and his mother and started spending time with them, Evan suddenly showed great interest in his son as he wanted to get close to Michael Jackson and to use him for his own profitable gain.  Michael Jackson avoided Evan Chandler as much as he could, as he was a very pushy and hot-tempered individual. When Evan Chandler realised that Michael Jackson did not want anything to do with him, he started his plan of revenge. Today this is an indisputable fact. One of the many pieces of evidence is the recorded phone call between Evan Chandler and his Ex-wife’s new husband. In 2005 it came to an incident in which Evan Chandler attacked and injured his son Jordan with a 6 kg heavy object (this information came from the police report). In 2009, four months after Michael Jackson’s death, Evan Chandler committed suicide with a gun.

Robson and Safechuck have over the years repeatedly and clearly stated while questioned by police, Robson even under oath, that all the sleepovers were harmless and that Michael Jackson has never acted inappropriately with them. Only today, 30 years later do Robson and Safechuck portray this to have been perverted under false exaggeration.


Did Michael Jackson pay “Hush Money” in 1994?

The media frenzy against Michael Jackson because of the Chandler allegations occurred exactly at the time while he was starting the last foot of his Asia Dangerous Tour. The continued worldwide slander and the legal battle were extremely exhausting and demoralizing for Michael (to the point of collapse, because he could not eat or sleep). After 24 concerts the tour had to be cancelled, which was a huge financial and career damage.

He intended to take the Chandler’s to court, to prove his innocence (and the attempted extortion by Evan Chandler), but his health was declining so badly that his family, close friends and his soon to be wife Lisa Marie Presley pleaded with him to not go ahead with the court case. On top of that, the insurance company had the legal right per contract to go the most cost-efficient path, which in Chandler’s case meant an out-of-court-settlement. The written agreement clearly stated that the payment (approx. 15 million dollar) had nothing to do with the allegations, but rather with the custody battle that had erupted between Evan Chandler and his ex-wife. (Michael Jackson did not pay the Chandlers anything, the settlement amount was paid in full by the Insurance company.)

As soon as the settlement was paid, the mainstream media jumped on the story and twisted the facts by implying that Michael Jackson had paid “hush money” which they claimed was an admission of guilt.  Even then: Fake news and irresponsible and ruthless Media.


Michael Jackson was the most attacked celebrity, and he was kept under continued surveillance by a very hostile prosecutor

The prosecutor of Santa Barbara, Tom Sneddon (1941-2014) had a very bad reputation. Many called him a racist, and there were several examples and even legal suits against him because of abuse of power. It was obvious that he hated Michael Jackson, and so he used the allegations by Evan Chandler to start a massive and aggressive investigation on Michael Jackson. He tried everything in 1993 to somehow go after his target legally. He ordered a search warrant for Neverland, and he interviewed around 200 people, especially children and their parents, among them were also Robson and Safechuck. It became obvious that there was nothing to go after. The Chandler allegations were unfounded and constructed to slander Michael Jackson and to extort him financially. After the settlement, Tom Sneddon waited for another opportunity to go after Michael Jackson, while monitoring him with all that was available to him.

Beginning of 2003 the slander movie by Martin Bashir ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ aired on television. One topic in the movie was the Arvizo family that Michael had helped a lot, especially the young cancer patient Gavin Arvizo, whom the doctors had given only a few more months to live back in 2000.  Bashir presented Jacksons’ relationship to Gavin in a biased way to create suspicion.  Sneddon took this opportunity to start a new aggressive investigation, even though the Arvizos kept denying these claims and went in front of the cameras several times to confirm this very known fact: Michael Jackson had never done anything wrong. Only a few months later, after some powerful people influenced them, did the Arvizo’s change their story and start accusing Michael Jackson of sexually molesting Gavin Arvizo. In 2005 Michael Jackson was cleared of all 14 charges in his trial. (Gavin Arvizo is still living cancer free and has gotten married.)

In other words, Michael Jackson and Neverland has always been investigated and monitored from the very beginning, and it was very obvious that nothing wrong was going on, especially not secret missions of sexual abuse against children. Now 30 years later, Robson and Safechuck want to paint a whole different picture of Michael Jackson and Neverland, while hoping that the public does not know the real facts. They are also counting on the greed of the Media.

Since 1993 the tabloids have offered 10.000 – 100.000 dollars for negative stories on Michael Jackson. A few untrustworthy Characters – mostly people that have been fired by Michael Jackson – accepted these offers to profit and to take revenge on him. In some cases the lies were made up by the tabloids themselves, while  even presenting fake evidence.

The claim that Michael Jackson has paid the families of 20 ‘victims’ hush money for up to 200 million dollars is completely false.

The claim that secret Police reports show that they found child Pornography at Neverland was one of the horrible fake stories made up by a well known Tabloid. They used the base of real police protocols and added new pages of ‘child pornography’ to it.

These examples make it very clear that Michael Jackson was a victim, in the ones shown above a victim of worldwide operated and highly paid Sensations and Tabloid Journalists.

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