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Leaving Neverland Documentary Notes

Jan 26th 2019 at Sundance

(These are hand-written notes from a MJAdvocate who bore the inhospitable conditons and below freezing weather in Utah to attend the 2nd showing of Leaving Neverland Documentary at Sundance Film Festival Jan 26th 2019 — It is efforts like hers that will give us a look into what false narrative we’ve got to combat in this biased presentation of our beloved Michael Jackson — We salute you AJ — 🙏🏼  MJJJP)

Leaving Neverland Notes

The film begins with the Robson’s early years. Wade’s dad owned fruit shops. Joy states they had goats, dogs. Chantal states that there weren’t many kids to play with. Stresses the amount of years between Wade and his brother, Shane.

Wade states that he saw the Making of Thriller and that everything changed after that. He watched it over and over and over and practiced for hours to emulate Michael in Thriller. (Film shown is when the camera pans in on Michael as the monster with the green face and then moves to dance scenes. An obvious intellectual property illegal act.) It’s this face below but greener

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 10.56.57 pm

Joy states that a friend convinced her to put Wade in an MJ competition in Australia. Wade states he was too young to compete, so they put him in as a special guest and he won. (Somehow MJ’s people are contacted but I can’t remember what she stated) but Joy’s reaction to the contact with MJ’s people was that she felt a “glow throughout her extremities and that something magical was about to happen.”

Safechuck’s mom states that someone convinced her to get Jimmy into commercials. Jimmy’s agent says he’s made for doing ads. Jimmy does the Pepsi commercial with Michael, and his reaction in the ad is real because it was the first time he’d ever seen Michael in person. Safechuck’s mom says Jimmy went into MJ’s trailer with his makeup artist, Karen. (Never mentions the last name but of course, she is referring to Karen Faye.)

Film shows hysteria of Michael getting off a plane in Brisbane, and then shows footage of Heartbreak Hotel in Brisbane. (This could be Joy’s footage so not sure about intellectual property rights on this particular piece of film.). There is a meet and greet, and Michael tells Joy that he wants to put Wade on stage with him. Shows film from the next day, shows Wade and Michael dancing on stage (BAD tour Brisbane) and Michael leaves the stage, but Wade doesn’t notice. Michael is laughing and has to come back out on stage to get Wade to leave the stage. (NOTE: in the film there are MANY kids on that stage, not just Wade. Again, film could have been shot, and this is likely the case, by Joy so I’m not sure what the intellectual property rights are on this short clip.)

Shane Robson (Wade’s much older brother): Wade’s dad felt betrayed and was teary eyed by the relationship between Michael and Wade.

The Way You Make Me Feel shot clip, obvious intellectual property violation

Joy: In a hotel with Michael Jackson, Michael is rubbing the sheets on the bed and Joy says she cannot believe she’s in a hotel with MJ. Wade is there.

Safechuck’s mom: Michael calls to tell her she loves “Jimmy’s commercial”. She’s impressed and endeared that Michael called it Jimmy’s commercial (Pepsi commercial) and thinks that is really sweet.

Michael’s people send over a film crew. Jimmy doesn’t have any Michael posters on his wall in his room, so the film crew puts them up on the wall. Film of Jimmy and another kid dancing in the room. Jimmy feels like it’s an “audition” and this is just my opinion, but it seemed as if the “audition” was a sexual one. As if Michael filmed him to see if he would like to sexually abuse him. Again, my take on it only.

Safechuck mom: Michael expressed how lonely he was. Safechuck’s mom stated she felt that nobody could approach Michael, only he could approach others, so she felt lucky that he wanted to be in their lives. Invited them to Hayvenhurt, met Michael’s brothers. Michael gave Jimmy “a wad full of cash” and let him pick out any jacket he wanted, so Jimmy chose a Thriller jacket. Jimmy states that it was probably $300-$400 and how much that was in that period of time.

The next day, Safechuck parent pick up Michael and said MJ was excited to lose the reporters. Film shows Michael in red pajamas and holding a soccer ball, while he stayed with the Safechucks. Jimmy states that they took walks at night due to the press. Jimmy says it was like hanging out with a friend.

Safechuck mom: I loved him (Michael). When Jimmy first got into commercials, I prayed that it would open doors for him, and when she told Michael that, he told her he prayed that it happened for Jimmy too.

Michael takes the Safechucks to Hawaii. Michael rents out an amusement park, they go on a helicopter ride. Safechuck mom talks about how surreal it is to live in this type of lifestyle of the rich and famous. Safechuck says she stays her distance with Michael and Jimmy, allowing them to spend a lot of time together, but does not let Jimmy stay in the same hotel room with Michael. Michael tells the Safehchucks that he loves Jimmy’s Pepsi commercial the most because it has “heart”. Safechuck mom states that Jimmy and Michael would be on the phone every day for hours.

Jimmy: Infatuation and dedication (but can’t read my notes if Jimmy is describing Michael or vice versa).

BAD tour clip in Japan. Again, the hysteria in Japan, not taken by Safechucks. On youtube, where fans are banging on the windows and in the airport.

Clip of Michael hanging on the wired fence. Not filmed by Safechucks.

Heartbeak Hotel clip.

Jimmy: Through Michael was able to meet Harrison Ford, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg. Harrison Ford gave him something but can’t read the notes. I think it was a sword or something to that effect.

Safechuck mom: Overhears Tina Turner describing Jimmy and stating “that white boy sure can dance.” Proud to see Jimmy on stage. Jimmy and Michael were best buds and spent a lot of time together in rooms by themselves.

Jimmy: He was hurt if Michael was in another room.

Jimmy: When in Paris together, Michael introduced Jimmy to masturbation. Jimmy said he did it so much that his genitals were swollen, and it hurt to urinate. To be clear, Jimmy at this point is stating that once Michael showed him how to masturbate, Jimmy kept doing it until there were physical problems. He said he had to soak his genitalia in water to relieve the swelling. Note: Jimmy is smiling throughout the part where he is describing his swollen genitalia.

Safechuck mom: While traveling with Michael after Paris, the room assignments got further and further away from Michael’s room. The excuse was that there just weren’t any suites that were located close to Michael’s. Then the rooms weren’t even on the same floor. In Germany, they were even further. Jimmy was consistently staying in Michael’s room, while the parents were assigned rooms that were further and further away.

Jimmy: MJ ran drills with Jimmy in case they were caught. If anyone found out their lives would be over.

This is the part where Jimmy graphically describes the abuse. I have purposefully omitted any alleged sexual abuse.

Jimmy: Michael told him that the sexual relations with him were his first sexual experiences. Jimmy says that Michael and Jimmy had a signal system, where they held their hand up and scratched it, was their sign that they were thinking of each other in a sexual way.

Jimmy: Michael tells Jimmy he’s going to buy Neverland for him. He describes that there were several doors at Neverland that had to be gone through in order to access Michael and Jimmy. Alleged sexual abused occurred: in the tee pees, arcade, third floor attic, private rooms, movie theater (room above it), room above train station, and other rooms but I wrote on top of it so I can’t write all the rooms. Imo it was ludicrous how many rooms Jimmy said they had sex in. Note: sex in Jimmy’s description did NOT allege anal penetration.

Film of BAD tour meeting Princess Diana
Film of Michael and President Ronald Reagan

Jimmy: Michael continually told him his parents were bad and evil, and that Michael was good.

Switches to the Robsons

Short history of Robson’s early career

Robson’s grandma: Joy calls around looking for MJ, finally finds him. MJ picks them up, drove Wade and Chantal to neverland playing unreleased, never before heard tracks.

Drone footage of the road to Neverland

Short clip of This Is It playing on a TV in the background

Picture of a blueprint of Neverland main house

Wade: Guest house was the same as four hotel rooms. Michael told Wade ad Chantal they could stay with their parents in the guest house or they could stay in his room. They stayed in his room.

Footage of Smooth Criminal

Joy: Michael told her that seeing Wade was like watching himself all over again. Talked about Bubbles.

Wade: Second night with MJ, Wade wakes up in the middle of the night and Michael is crying. Michael says that he doesn’t want them to leave.

Joy: Michael told them they could go anywhere they wanted. Wade wanted to stay at Neverland, the family wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.

Wade: Excited to stay. Before cell phones, so no direct access to his parent or vice versa.

Joy: Tried to call multiple times, couldn’t get through.

Graphic description of abuse. Omitted.

Wade: Westwood hotel. Described how Michael would take them to record stores and tell them they could get anything they wanted, they could fill the basket up if they wanted. Chantal and Joy slept in the living room, Wade slept in the room with Michael. Alleged abuse at the hotel

Jimmy; Jimmy states that Michael and Jimmy had a mock wedding. Jimmy states that he was fully in love with Michael. Jimmy shows rings Michael allegedly bought him. One is the “wedding” ring, a band with diamonds in it. There are two other rings. Jimmy explains that Michael knew Jimmy loved jewelry and that it was given for sexual acts. Jimmy’s hands visibly shake. Jimmy states that they would go to a jewelry store, and pretend that the jewelry was for a woman, using Jimmy’s small hands, but the jewelry really was for Jimmy.

Robson: Claims that he talked on the phone for 6/7 hours every day for 2 years. Claims Michael called him “little one”. Claims Michael sang a song to him: “Has anyone seen my little one?”

Robson: After the LA Gear shoot, Michael calls him “son”. Wade hopes that they will live together as father and son. The Robsons took a 6 week trip to the US for the shoot.

Joy: Michael asked Joy if Wade could live with him for a year. Joy told him she would share him with MJ but that Wade was 7 years old and he could not live with Michael full time.

I can’t remember who begins to talk about Wade’s health declining. Robson father diagnosed with bipolar. Very difficult to watch Joy, Chantal and Wade leave for the US and leave the father behind.

Joy: When the family decided to move to the US permanently, she saw it as an opportunity for Wade and she wanted out of her marriage. When the family arrives, things are different. She has to use a credit card to pay for her apartment (which drone footage shows as looking pretty run down) and she has to rent a car to get to the Black or White shoot. She literally shakes her head and scrunches up her face when talking about renting a car. When they arrive to the shoot, Joy states that “Mac took Wade’s place”.

Jimmy: Describes the Century City condo (the hideout) and states that Michael gave him alcohol, and Jimmy was really drunk. Alleges that Michael introduced Jimmy to pornography.

Image of Michael looking at Adolph Hitler on TV in the background

Jimmy: On ’93 allegations, 2 cops show up at his home. MJ asks him to testify but Jimmy says no. Jimmy hasn’t had any contact with MJ for awhile. Now MJ is contacting Jimmy every day.

Safechuck mom: Asks MJ what happened, MJ says it’s the parents, not Jordan. Safechuck mom asks if MJ blames Jordan and he says no. Safechuck mom thinks how nice that is that MJ doesn’t blame Jordan.

Robson: Wanted to defend Michael.

Images of Blanca Francia and Chandler deposition.

Joy: She believed it was all about money and the allegations weren’t true.

Safechuck mom: MJ bought them a house (and she said something about a $10 million dollar loan but I couldn’t get it all down).

Jimmy: MJ told his parents that Michael told them that Jimmy didn’t need to go to school and to let him drop out. Jimmy says Michael wanted him dependent on him. Safechuck parents let Jimmy drop out of school. Images of Jimmy making films on Neverland property.

Film of HIStory tour Brisbane

Wade: Dad’s health is declining. He is disappearing at night, and sometimes they can’t find him. Wade admits he pushed his dad away.

Joy: Her ex-husband said she did the right thing by taking the 2 kids and moving to the US for Wade’s career.

Shane: Shane decides to leave for the US. Shane says his dad was very stiff at the going away party, and did not hug him back.

Joy: Wade’s dad hung himself the day that Shane left. (or the day after, not sure)

Shane: Angry.

Film of Wade and JC Chavez and Justin Timberlake in rehearsal choreography

Wade: MJ was obsessed with Britney Spears. (Wade states he was working with Britney at the time). Film of Britney in earlier years. Michael also asks about Wade’s sex life with girls.

Jimmy’s wife: Explains how they met.

Film of the Neverland raid

Heal the World footage

Santa Barbara interview with Gavin Arviso film shown. Arviso states that Michael masturbated him. Only that statement is in this short clip.

Robson: Michael called him every day after the arrest. Wade tells MJ he doesn’t want to testify. Michael tells him that we can’t let them do this to us.

Jimmy: After the arrest, Jimmy tells his mom that Michael isn’t a good person. Mom asks him if he wants to get help, Jimmy says no.

Safechuck mom: Jimmy adamantly tells her not to tell anyone. She says she doesn’t due to guilt.

Shows film of MacCauley Culkin at the trial

Wade: Joy encouraged him to testify. Wade had dreams of Michael dying in prison.

Jimmy: Jimmy told Michael he wouldn’t testify, and Michael threatened him with his attorneys and charges of perjury.

Wade: Receives a subpoena to testify. Wade describes being at Neverland and Michael wouldn’t pay attention to Paris.

Shows film of Michael’s children, the film where they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, although it’s just a short film with no talking.

Trial footage

Woman releasing doves

On behalf of humanity, we’re sorry footage

Fans reaction to verdict

Jury foreman footage when he states that he believes Michael was guilty

Wade: Visited Michael in Las Vegas with his kids. Michael specifically asked for a couple of bottles of wine. When Wade and his wife got there, Michael poured a cup of wine to the top and chugged it. Michael continued to drink wine and then said he would be back. Michael was gone for an hour and a half, and Wade said he felt bad for the kid. Wade asks the kids, where is your dad? And they reply, he’s ok, he’s fine. Wade is implying that this happened often. This is the last time Wade sees Michael alive.

On MJ’s death

Shows reaction on news
Outside of UCLA
At the memorial

Jimmy: States he was sad when Michael died.

Safechuck mom: States she danced when Michael died so he couldn’t harm another child.

Joy: Wrapped herself up in a jacket and stayed in bed for a week after Michael died.

Film of Wade talking to the media about MJ’s death
Joe Jackson talking to the media about MJ’s death

Jimmy: States he still loves MJ and struggles with it.

Wade: States he was contacted to attend the memorial.

Wade: He sobbed at the memorial and that was the last time he cried about the death of MJ. Stated that he went back to work immediately.

Wade: Later, wasn’t able to enjoy work and talks about the pressure. Couldn’t sleep for hours. Abuse symptoms intensify. After the birth of his son, thinks about if someone abused his son, and that he would kill anyone who did that to his child.

Wade: Wade and his brother are at a food truck, and his brother tells him that his wife had this weird dream that Michael molested him. Wade tells his brother that Michael did indeed molest him.

Wade: At the end, tries to tearfully state his “truth” but not one tear falls.
Chantal: Tells her “truth” and does cry. Scared that her mom will commit suicide when she finds out.

There was more at the end, but by this time, I had been writing for four hours and frankly, I could barely stomach what had been said.

by @Andjusticeforsome

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  1. Wade and James are a couple of little bullshitters!! I feel sorry for real sexual abuse victims, as twats like these two spoil it for the real victims. Both are nothing more than desperate for cash there stories are concocted and the media has nothing better to do than to run with trash talk especially since MJ has passed. MJ has left this earth and can not defend himself so why don’t you all shut the fuck up and let him rip. God bless MJ.

    1. He was proved not guilty so why don’t these filthy lying scum leave him alone to RIP!! ❤❤❤ you always michael xxx

  2. hm… what Jimmy claims to have received from Harrison Ford is the whip, I guess… here is the auction news about it:
    https://www.theguardian.com/film/2011/jun/10/indiana-jones-whip-auction . In a line reads ” originally there were 6 whips”… What happened to the other 5? There are so many trivial details, you know, you ask yourself… what is it to do with the accusations? Well… they lie about a lot of things.. so every little PROVEN lie counts, in my opinion. So, did he really got it? Does Harrison Ford remembers about it? 🙂 Where is it NOW? Does he keep it or did he sell it?….
    Will they ever be confronted with their lies and the contradictions in the mockumentary publicly? They’ll say, it’s been a long time, I was traumatized and my memories gotten blurred , couldn’t remember exactly etc etc… But, they have the internet. for example, Safechuck could have checked the opening date of Disneyland… or the finish-date of the train station… Why didn’t he/they do that? if you’re preparing a lie, you check the facts and make comparisons so that your lie cannot be refutable… It’s really sad, that these guys have really powerful ppl behind them: HBO, Oprah Winfrey… And the companies, radio stations that boycotting MJ should be reminded that what they’re doing is “execution without due process”… Just like Anita Kotecha said: “A victim of false allegations is as much a victim as one of real child abuse.”


  3. There is one very important thing that Wade says in the documentary that bothers me. He is getting explicit about having oral sex with Michael and says Michael takes his hands and pushes Michael’s head deep in his crouch and all he can remember is feeling Michael’s coarse hair. Michael had been wearing so much gel in his hair in this period that there is no way that he felt coarse hair. Never having felt an Afro American’s hair, he can only imagine that it was coarse to the touch, but will all that gel in it, really? I don’t believe him at all. Believe me this is not a mistake you would make. You remember every detail, every smell, every sensation. I think Wade has made this up and I find it disturbing. People are so ready to believe the worst in another if there are a little different than they are. How can so many people not actually really listen to what is being said and not think? Very sad.

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