John Ziegler – If you haven’t heard of him, you should have!

John Ziegler’s Twitter bio describes him as “Senior Columnist, Talk Show Host (2-time Talkers Magazine Top 100), Filmmaker, Emmy-Winner, Conservative/Libertarian, Georgetown Hoya, Husband/Father”, but what he has become in recent months – is Michael Jackson’s main defender in the world of media. Undoubtedly, this wasn’t the intention John had when he first stepped into the “Leaving Neverland” poop storm.

Alas, 3 months later, John has discussed Michael and the cases against him on multiple occasions. Even interviewing members of the Jackson family and MJ’s defence attorney in 2005 Tom Mesereau. Despite seemingly being the only member of the media willing to scream into the tornado that virtue signalling has caused, John has been willing to go to battle with anyone…including originally his own wife.

His podcasts are always thorough, insightful and frankly hilarious. We have linked his latest podcast below but strongly recommend going back and listening to all of them. John pulls no punches, he is not backing down in his determination to expose this movie as a fraud.

Below is the link to John’s website:

John Interviewing Tom Mesereau (first 45 minutes, see his previous podcasts for full interview):

You can follow John on Twitter via @ZigmanFreud

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