Britney Spears dances to Michael Jackson in Instagram video


Britney Spears’ name has been mentioned numerous times during the discussion on “Leaving Neverland”, and not in a necessarily positive light. The allegations of Wade Robson cheating on Brandi Jackson with Britney are well known, and many have wondered if Britney will speak out regarding LN.

However, Ms Spears now appears to have drawn a line in the sand as far as who she believes in this debacle.

On Thursday 16th May, Britney posted a video to her instagram of her dancing to Michael and Janet Jackson’s song “Scream” – which is well know to be about the frustration of being falsely accused. Whilst Britney has yet to make a verbal statement, dancing to a song by an artist your ex is accusing of molesting him is pretty bold.

You can see the link to the video below.

With the likes of Madonna, P Diddy and other stars coming out to support Michael over the last few months, is this a new wave of celebrities supporting Michael Jackson? We certainly hope so…


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