The MJIP Team

Project Manager

Souza lives in The Netherlands. Never  a Michael Jackson fan, Souza became interested in Michael's story after June 25, 2009.

Seeing the injustice he has suffered, she is now determined to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to take down Michael Jackson.


Nina lives in  the United Kingdom. Inside her there's a skinny girl screaming to get out, Nina usually shuts her up with chocolate.

Nina is a proud Autism parent to the most amazingly beautiful boy and is the voice of the Michael Jackson Innocent Project's videos!

Web Editor

Titch lives just outside London, U.K. and is a tiny human filled with sarcasm.

Whilst a fan of the music since childhood, learning about the man wasn’t something of interest. Until she researched and  realized that even the most famous person in the world wasn’t immune to  injustice.


Trublu lives in the UK and works in London. Although she has enjoyed Michael’s music from childhood, it was the injustice of how the media portrayed the 2005 trial that developed her interest in his story.

In her free time she enjoys attending live music events and travel.


Joy was born and raised in New York City. She is a lifetime fan of Michael Jackson and his music.

Joy is an advocate for the preservation of Michael Jackson’s powerful message of global unity and L.O.V.E. She is an avid defender of Michael’s integrity and loyal supporter in upholding his legacy.

Regular Guest MJIP Live

Luna lives in the UK. She is a singer of other's songs and a caustic tongue with an autistic mind that remembers EVERYTHING.

Fan for life, she made it her mission to know all about the allegations. She fights not because he’s famous but because he’s innocent.

Regular Guest MJIP Live

Realist Ja'Vonnie, or just 'Ja' for short, lives in sunny California. A long time MJ fan, Ja has been involved in the fan community since the 1990's.

She is founder of Moonwalkers Unite, a Facebook page and website dedicated to the defense of Michael's legacy.